Income Protection

Income Protection

Help protect your standard of living

Income Protection provides a regular income which is paid out if you cannot work due to an illness or injury. At TMS, we can arrange Income Protection for you.

You may need income protection if:

  • you are self-employed
  • you have little or no sick pay from your employer
  • you have no ill-health pension protection.

Safeguarding your standard of living

It is meant to replace some of your earned income if you can no longer earn an income yourself - making sure that you enjoy a comfortable standard of living. You can take out income protection if you are in full-time work or are self-employed and earn an income. Both Personal and Company Income Protection are available.

The Features and Benefits of our Income Protection

Income Protection provides a replacement income, called incapacity benefit, if you cannot work as a result of certain illnesses or injury. After a certain period, known as the deferred period, you receive the incapacity benefit to replace some of your income whilst off work. It's designed to be as flexible as possible to make sure it best suits your needs.

We'll help you decide what cover is best for you

Your local TMS advisor will help you decide how much cover is needed, the deferred period you want (either 13, 26 or 52 weeks), how long you need the benefit to be paid for, and how long you want the cover for. The cover is provided until the plan ends, no matter how many claims you make. You must tell Irish Life when an illness or an injury stops you working. Irish Life pay a monthly income from the end of the chosen deferred period for as long as you are eligible.

Other entitlements

If you are in hospital for more than seven days in a row during the deferred period, you may be able to receive hospitalisation benefit.

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